Financial clarity post-divorce


At age 58 I was worried about my finances and needed advice. Ten years earlier I had experienced a financial setback when my husband and I divorced, following which I also changed jobs. I was concerned that this would delay my retirement plans and result in my having to work for longer than I wanted before moving into retirement.

When my husband and I divorced, I remember it was an incredibly stressful time. I needed to move house, we also had to separate our assets and I was constantly worried about my financial situation and cash flow.

To add to what felt like a ‘hole in my head’ personally, I also had a hole in my pension following the Equitable Life debacle in 2002.

To be honest, I didn’t want to think about it and I delayed seeing Loch Fyne Financial for a review meeting. I felt that my financial future looked bleak and I was reluctant to face the truth.

When I met with Douglas he performed an analysis of my situation using cash flow modelling. He mapped out my current assets and liabilities, as well as my income and outgoings to fund my lifestyle.

To my surprise, the analysis confirmed that I could achieve my retirement goals. I had a large six figure ISA portfolio with a stock broker; however when Douglas looked at my capacity for loss we realised that it was tilted towards higher risk investments (i.e. 100% equity exposure).

My pension investments were also tilted towards equities (70%) making the overall portfolio quite high-risk. Douglas pointed out that I actually didn’t need to take this much risk and so he remodelled my portfolio holdings and pension to a more balanced split between aggressive and defensive investments, decreasing my risk exposure. Through cash-flow modelling Douglas was able to show me that even if the stock market fell by 50% I would still be secure and on track to retire as planned.

I now have relief that even if I am forced to stop working tomorrow, I can retire with only minor accommodations and adjustments to my plan.

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“Thanks to Douglas I feel back in control of my financial future. I have clarity and no longer avoid looking at my finances. I also feel comfortable that the level of risk I am exposed to is right for me and  I won’t have any nasty surprises.”