Intergenerational inheritance


I wanted to ensure that the wealth my two adult sons would inherit from me would be disbursed in the most fair and efficient way possible. One son was a chartered accountant and the other a solicitor. Given the difference in their age, and stage in life, I wanted to find out if it was possible to provide different amounts at different times, aligned to their individual needs.

On the recommendation of a colleague I arranged a meeting with Douglas at Loch Fyne Financial, to understand and evaluate the options available to me for bequeathing to my sons.

I explained that for many years bank and building society accounts were my preferred method for managing my wealth. Given the uncertainty of stock markets, especially when they were declining,  I felt confident that preserving most of my wealth in cash was a good decision.

Recent changes in my financial situation and family dynamic were causing me to re-think this approach. I was worried about inflation and the long-tem value of my money as well as my parental obligation.

I asked Douglas “do both of my sons need exactly the same as each other and at the same time? How can I structure my estate to look after them individually, in a way that is still equitable?”

Douglas helped me to restructure my resources in the context of my life’s goals.  He also resolved the sensitive issue of how best to disburse money to my sons, by setting-up a gifting programme.

My youngest was able to purchase a flat in London, taking away some of the financial pressure he was experiencing with city living.

A major benefit was that my wealth strategy vastly improved my relationship with my sons. They appreciated the re-structuring of their inheritance and gained a better understanding of my personal values and preferences for the use of wealth.

As a result of the expert advice I received from Loch Fyne Financial I felt more at peace than I had ever before. I now know that I can maintain my current lifestyle and still be prepared for any future expenses, even the unexpected.

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“I’m delighted that I have been able to gift to my sons during my lifetime. I can see the impact on my children’s lives and know that this is a far more equitable distribution of my estate .”