At Loch Fyne Financial we are remunerated by way of advice fees, which are levied for our initial advice and ongoing service.

›  For the initial financial review coupled with implementation of your Investment Plan, we charge a project fee on an individual basis. This is typically 1% of funds under advice and our minimum fee is £5,000.

›  For ongoing advice and your regular progress meetings we typically charge 1% per annum of funds under advice (minimum annual fee £5,000).

›  Note that in some instances our fees may be subject to VAT.


We offer an unconditional refund of our fee if you ever feel that we have not earned it. This is provided that you let us know within 14 days of it being levied. For ongoing fees, please let us know and we will refund the fees levied in the last quarter.

Professional Financial Advice


Investment Plan & Implementation

After our initial Discovery Meeting, we will provide you with a written Investment Plan which covers the detail of where you are now, where you want to be and a suggested strategy of how to get there. It includes our specific recommendations and details our investing approach.

We then meet again to discuss matters further, make any amendments to the proposed plan and then proceed to implement agreed actions.

In addition to remunerating us for the initial advice given, our initial project fee covers the cost of our staff, our intellectual property and the professional responsibility we incur for implementing the advice.  Typically our initial fee is met out of invested funds.

Regular Progress Meetings

Usually held on an annual basis, these in person meetings are designed to:

›  Help you stay focused on your goals. Regular progress meetings enable you to ensure things stay on track to achieve your objectives. You also have unlimited access to advice – be it by telephone, a chat over coffee or a formal meeting to discuss a potential strategy. This ensures that every opportunity is considered and where appropriate included in your strategy.

›  Minimise the hassle of administering your affairs. Our aim is to improve or maintain your lifestyle through the use of smarter strategies. However, we also take the pain out of managing those strategies by handling as much of the administration as we can. This gives you more time to enjoy the things you love to do.